CREATE - Customize your character’s face and body the way you want.
DRESS - Deck your character out in clothing and accessories.
POSE - Pose your character, choose backgrounds, and lighting.
SNAP - Take a picture of your character to share with the world.

Pictodon Character Designer

Pictodon is a program that will allow you to design quality custom portraits of your favorite original characters. Make forum avatars, pictures of RPG characters, or inspiration pieces for your writing!

Pictodon works much like videogame character customization systems. However, it's not just limited by the constraints of one game world. Pictodon comes with four Starter Packs of art: Modern, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and a mystery pack that will be voted on by our Kickstarter backers. Pictodon users will be able to share additional costumes, backgrounds, hair, decals, accessories, and props in our content shop!